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Superior Hyper-targeted Marketing

EAT Displays Hypertargeting Technologies

The EAT Table: Reach your target market through hyper-targeting technology

The EAT Table’s ability to automatically match content to an audience makes the system unique in the DOOH marketplace. So, not only is The EAT Table able to target individuals, but also clusters of demographically similar but unrelated people, as well as family groups and friends.

Such hyper-targeting is made possible thanks to The EAT Table’s patented intelligent programmatic and sensory technologies.

1. A ‘DOOH concierge service’

  • Detect and recognise faces. Once The EAT Table detects a face it can split and rotate its screen so content is perfectly orientated without anyone having to change position to see it. This means personalised information can be displayed to different people at the same time.
  • Identify relevant objects. The EAT Table can gather data from the external environment such as personal appearance and determine whether it is commercially relevant. This means, for instance, that someone wearing glasses could be presented with content about eye-care from nearby opticians, or someone with a particular sports logo on their clothing could be targeted with advertisements for sportswear. This gives rise to a ‘cost per hit’ model through ‘ad tagging’. That is, an advertiser can now choose to pay for ads which are targeted. For example, an optometrist may wish to only have his or her ads shown to occupants of an EAT Table who are male or female aged between 30 – 45 years and wearing glasses.
  • Communicate with nearby mobile devices. The EAT Table is uniquely equipped to use wireless technology like Bluetooth (BLE), iBeacon and Eddystone and other wireless technologies in order to connect and sync with the smartphones and tablets of occupants sitting at the EAT Table.
  • Artificial intelligence. In future, The EAT Table’s sensory technology will be able to gather deep data so that it can offer an even more personalised and human-centric experience by it adapting its ‘behaviour’ in response to the behaviour and sentiments expressed by it’s occupants. Through The EAT Table technology platform, artificial intelligence can be used to further develop advanced programmatic advertising capabilities.

2. Target your market with The EAT Table

If you would like to see how The EAT Table can automatically adjust the content it delivers to different audiences, call us on +612 8005 2356 or email adam@eatdisplays.com.au. We can arrange a demonstration at one of your stores or venues. Alternatively, you can see The EAT Table in action at our head office in Bella Vista. This will give you an opportunity to see how The EAT Table is very different from traditional DOOH platforms.

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