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A quality EATing experience

The EAT Table is the ideal addition to any food and beverage establishment. From restaurants and cafés through to bars and food halls, The EAT Table will help enhance the customer experience.

Customers can use The EAT Table to place an order the moment they sit down, without having to wait to be served. They can also be sure that their order won’t be forgotten or misremembered by staff because The EAT Table will convey it accurately. By automating what is a normally ‘person heavy’ order-taking process, The EAT Table enables staff to focus on delivering better customer service.

1. Additional revenue streams

When it comes to paying, diners can also do that from The EAT Table, again without having to wait for staff to come over to process the transaction. When people are working to tight schedules, such as at lunchtimes, this is a particular time saver.

The EAT Table can also be used to promote secondary purchases such as additional dishes and drinks that might otherwise be missed, or for time-limited promotions. If appropriate, an establishment can also capitalise on additional revenue opportunities by allowing The EAT Table to show paid for advertising.

2. The perfect table for any location

The EAT Table is specifically designed for easy installation. It can be retro-fitted into an existing space, no matter how small, with no disruption or downtime to business. When in place, all that’s required is to connect each EAT is a single small flat ethernet cable. That means that the EAT Table can be scaled up or configured as required.

Created, designed and engineered in Australia and complying with all relevant safety standards, The EAT Table is a rugged, ‘plug and play’ solution that requires very little maintenance, as all upgrades and updates to its software are done using cloud-based technology.

3. See The EAT Table in action

To see how The EAT Table will add a new dimension to your food and drink business, arrange for an onsite demonstration. We can come to your café, restaurant, bar or food hall, or you can see The EAT Table in action at our head office in Bella Vista. Just call us on (02) 8005 2356 or email adam@eatdisplays.com.au and we can organise a suitable time.

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