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Tailored real-time content

EAT Displays Content with Intent

The EAT Table: Tailored content for specific markets

The EAT Table’s ability to present highly tailored content to its occupants, makes it possible to dynamically engage with very specific ‘captive’ audiences in a way traditional DOOH platforms can’t. In effect, unlike existing DOOH platforms, The EAT Table technology platform creates an enjoyable, personalised and interactive experience.

Because The EAT Table is able to handle a diverse range of content, it’s immensely versatile and so can be used to deliver the widest range of messaging, including:

1. Commercial applications

  • Information about products and services. Thanks to its patented technology, The EAT Table offers advertisers a highly sophisticated advertising and marketing medium they can use to target very specific audiences based on age, gender, race and other demographic features.
  • Sponsorship opportunities. For even greater reach and visibility, organisations can sponsor content or even particular EATs.
  • Large-scale digital campaigns. Using multiple EATs, it’s straightforward to coordinate and synchronise content for location-wide promotions.
  • Time-sensitive promotions. The EAT Table can be programmed to present content at pre-specified times, in response to particular events, or to alert shoppers to one-off promotions and flash sales, for instance.

2. Non-commercial benefits

  • Location-based announcements. The EAT Table can be programmed to deliver community-focused information, as well as local news, weather and traffic reports.
  • Campaigns for charities and causes. Because of its ability to process transactions, not only can The EAT Table promote a cause, it can also collect donations for it using QR codes and other transaction channels.
  • Emergency messaging. The EAT Table can be used to deliver the latest information about an incident in or near where it’s happening, as well as provide directional lighting to facilitate evacuation.
  • High Speed Charging. The EAT Table provides high speed USB charging to all occupants sitting at an EAT Table.

3. How The EAT Table’s personalised content can work for you

The EAT Table’s ground-breaking hyper-targeting technology helps create a better experience for visitors to malls, shopping centres, stations, airports and other locations by intelligently providing them with personalised content.

To see how The EAT Table could work for you, why not arrange a demonstration at one of your own locations, or at our head office in Bella Vista? Call +612 8005 2356 or email adam@eatdisplays.com.au to go through the details.

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