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Greater Shopping Experience

EAT Displays A Better Shopping Experience

The EAT: Creating a better shopping experience

At a time when online sales are seriously damaging physical sales, The EAT has the capacity to help reverse that trend by creating an enhanced shopping experience and greatly facilitating the connection between consumers and retailers.

Customers at Lendlease shopping centres in Australia are already enjoying the way EAT has added a new dimension, not only bringing space to life but also helping connect people together. Because so much can be done at an EAT Table, it can become a natural ‘check in’ or networking point for friends and family. That creates a much more social experience.

1. Advanced Hyper-targeted technologies

Because The EAT Table can personalise content and suggest additional and complementary products, or highlight relevant offers and promotions to specific audiences, The EAT is able to provide what is effectively a ‘concierge service’. This much more bespoke approach enhances the whole shopping experience and makes people feel as though they are being helped rather than just being sold to.

The EAT’s ability to process transactions also streamlines ordering and purchasing. So if you are sitting at an EAT Table, you won’t have to wait to place an order or queue up when you want to pay.

2. Something for everyone

Given the breadth and range of content that it can display, The EAT Table has something to offer everyone. So even those who might not always like shopping at the mall can enjoy a range of entertainment such as movie trailers, animations, cartoons, games, trivia or educational material. The range of content that can be delivered is limited only by imagination.

The EAT Table also provides a useful service by providing real-time and ‘location-based’ information, such as important community announcements and notices.

Thanks to its patented technology, The EAT Table enriches the shopping environment in ways that traditional DOOH platforms never can.

Even at the most basic of levels, The EAT Table delivers. For example, every table has high-speed USB charging ports, so users can charge their phones, or any mobile device, on the run. This significantly increases dwell time where people can now spend more time at a shopping centre sitting at an EAT Table charging their mobile device whilst viewing content on the EAT Table.

If you would like to see how you could use The EAT Table to improve the shopping experience for consumers, why not arrange a demonstration? We can do this at one of your locations, or at our head office in Bella Vista. Call us on +612 8005 2356 or email adam@eatdisplays.com.au for further details

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