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The EAT Table takes off at airports

The EAT Table is a perfect addition to airports, where it can be used in any concourse, lounge, restaurant, bar or retail outlet to improve the overall passenger experience.

The EAT Table has something to offer every traveller. Travellers can gain a greater sense of awareness and understanding of their environment through hyper-targeted, location based content that can be tailored to meet the needs of different nationalities, who might otherwise find themselves puzzled by the language or through lack of local knowledge.

The EAT Table technology platform can also integrate with Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS), which means passengers aren’t continually having to go off to check departure and arrival boards for the latest travel update.

1. An enhanced experience

The EAT Table makes transactions at airport shops faster and easier – very important when passengers are working to strict flight schedules. Similarly, at airport restaurants, bars and cafés, passengers can use EAT Tables to order and pay for food and drinks without queueing, making for a much less stressful experience whilst also freeing up the walkways within an airport.

EAT Tables bring a world of convenience to passengers and visitors to the airport as they can now simply relax and transact directly from the EAT Table – all whilst eating, drink, talking or just simply relaxing.

The EAT Table enables wireless technologies like Bluetooth (BLE), iBeacon and Eddystone, to create an even more engaging and captivating experience for all visitors and passengers of an airport.

The EAT Table can also help passengers to find each other quickly, a major benefit in large crowded airports where it’s easy to become separated.

For extra convenience, high-speed USB phone charging is integrated into all EAT Tables, allowing all people sitting at an EAT Table to keep their mobile device well charged, exceptionally useful if there are flight delays.

2. Unique revenue streams

Thanks to its patented technology, The EAT Table offers advertisers a highly sophisticated advertising and marketing medium that creates a range of unique income opportunities not available with traditional DOOH systems. With The EAT Table, it is possible to target very specific audiences based on age, gender and other demographic features. This is of real benefit in an airport, where there is a highly diverse audience.

The EAT Table can also be programmed to carry paid-for advertising and sponsorship from both national and international brands, to suggest complementary products and services, or to promote flash sales and one-off promotions.

3. A safer environment for passengers and airport visitors

Should there be an emergency or incident at an airport, The EAT Table is able to quickly broadcast information and has built-in directional lighting to guide people to safety.

4. See how The EAT Table performs

Created, designed and engineered in Australia, The EAT Table complies with all relevant safety legislation. It is rugged and is extremely low maintenance, with all necessary upgrades and updates being made through cloud-based technology. To see how The EAT Table performs in an airport environment, just arrange an onsite demonstration by calling us on +612 8005 2356 or emailing adam@eatdisplays.com.au.

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