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New Revenue Streams

EAT Displays New Revenue Streams

The EAT Table: Creating new revenue streams

The EAT Table’s patented technology creates a range of unique income opportunities for a wide variety of businesses, from malls, shopping centres and town centre developments needing to generate new revenue streams to counter competition from online sales, through to airports, restaurants, educational institutions, stadia and all other establishments looking to get the most from their commercial space.

Unlike traditional DOOH systems, because The EAT Table is able to guarantee that only appropriate, relevant content is delivered to a specific demographic, it offers a highly effective, innovative platform that helps ensure maximum marketing ROI.

1. The EAT Table stimulates sales

The EAT Table is a distinctive and highly effective marketing platform because it:

  • Has the ability to reach specific audiences. Because The EAT Table is able to identify the demographic profile of individuals or groups, then choose appropriate content accordingly, advertisers can be sure their message is reaching the right people. In comparison, traditional DOOH platforms are a blunt instrument, simply unable to effectively connect with a moving target. The EAT Table is a superior platform that opens up previously unreachable audience groups, attracting fresh revenue from new advertisers.
  • Increases cross and upselling opportunities. The EAT Table can encourage consumer spending by suggesting and identifying complementary products and services that shoppers might want to purchase. Potential advertisers can range from the small nearby company with a time-limited promotion, through to national or international brands who want to raise awareness or generate direct sales.

2. More opportunities to connect

  • Encourages customer spend through greater engagement. Because it’s far more tailored to the individual, advertising is far more likely to be viewed as relevant and useful informational content. That helps generate greater engagement from consumers and increases dwell time at The EAT Table, which in turn can lead to increased sales. This means The EAT Table offers far greater marketing opportunities than standard DOOH displays.
  • Creates time-sensitive marketing opportunities. EAT Tables can be programmed to respond to specific events, send out flash sale alerts, or advertise a time-limited promotion, all helping maximise sales. So a user at an EAT Table could, for instance, photograph a voucher with their smartphone then present or send it to enjoy a discounted product or service. Through wireless communication and QR codes, the EAT Table can connect consumers directly with the commercial offering by taking the consumer directly to the purchase or checkout page on the internet.

3. More accurate marketing

  • Enables large-scale digital campaigns. Using multiple EAT Tables it’s possible to gather information about who is there and then display synchronised content, such as large-scale advertising promotions or product launches.
  • Offers sponsorship opportunities. For even greater reach and visibility, organisations can sponsor specific content to be shown on The EAT Table or even particular tables.
  • Big data, leading to better marketing decisions. Thanks to its data-centric technology, The EAT Table is able to collect, measure and analyse a wealth of information about consumers. The quality, quantity and nature of data being collected is simply unrivalled. Such big data is becoming increasingly important as a commercially valuable resource, enabling advertisers to make more accurate, timely and superior decisions. This in turn leads to the consumer receiving relevant and useful messaging which is more meaningful and of more value to the consumer. It also means that advertisers can get a greater return on their advertising spend by connecting with their chosen target market.

4. See how The EAT Table can add to your revenue

Its ability to present the right content to the right people at the right time makes The EAT Table a very attractive promotional platform for any business looking to ensure maximum marketing ROI or target a very specific demographic.

To see for yourself how it does this, why not arrange a demonstration? We can do this at one of your locations, or our head office in Bella Vista. Just call +612 8005 2356 or email adam@eatdisplays.com.au and let us know when it is the best time to contact you.

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