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10 Reasons why The EAT Table technology and platform is very different from traditional DOOH (Digital-Out-Of-Home advertising) and why you will not find anything like it.

The solution to an age-old problem

Traditional DOOH has severe limitations when it comes to connecting with hard-to-reach consumers in public spaces, large stores, airports, concourses and waiting areas.

The fundamental problem with both traditional and all other existing DOOH is the inability to effectively engage and connect with its audience who are primarily in transit moving from point A to point B, either walking, running, driving, riding, standing or other similar actions. That makes The EAT Table distinctive for many reasons as it is uniquely positioned to serve a ‘captive’ audience enabling the EAT Table to connect and engage kiwigambling.co.nz with it’s audience for an unprecedented period of time in ways never seen before and only now made possible through the EAT Table.

1. Hyper-targeted content

The EAT Table’s ground-breaking, patented, hyper-targeting technology means that the EAT Table can gather information from the external environment about a consumer’s age, gender, demographics and other characteristics. In this way the EAT table can deliver highly visual content and information that is tailored, relevant and useful to a consumer.

The EAT Table’s unique and patented content delivery technology system has the ability to deliver not just commercially-focused advertising, but also real-time, dynamic and location-based information, news, weather, traffic reports and community announcements. The EAT Table is able to achieve unprecedented levels of engagement with out-of-home consumers.

2. Intelligent programmatic sensory technologies

By combining advanced sensory and intelligent programmatic technologies, The EAT Table can split, adjust and orientate the content it displays to meet and serve the needs of different users at the same time as well as providing a more engaging and personalised experience.

Its ability to recognise and differentiate individuals and groups based on demographic information makes target marketing and cluster advertising much more effective. Such hyper-targeting creates unique promotional opportunities that are attractive to all kinds of advertisers, from those with local or niche products and services to sell, through to national or international advertisers.

3. A personalised immersive experience and easy integration

To deliver a much more personalised and immersive experience, The EAT Table makes the best use of emerging wireless technologies to connect and communicate with nearby mobile devices. It can integrate with just about any application, platform or system and in this way it is able to deliver even greater value and benefit to users.

4. Real-time ordering and transaction processing

The EAT Table enables real-time ordering and transaction processing, boosting retail activity. The EAT Table makes it faster and easier for users to buy and pay for items in shopping centres, restaurants, bars and cafés, as well as retail stores. That streamlines the shopping experience and is of particular benefit in time-pressured environments or situations, such as airports or during the lunchtime rush.

5. Designed with consumers in mind

The EAT Table’s hyper-local digital mapping and micro-navigation systems enhance the shopping experience by enabling shoppers to buy items from The EAT Table and reserve them for later collection at the shop, or the item can be delivered to a shopper’s home or to The EAT Table itself. No more lining up in queues or waiting around common areas. Consumers can now choose to have goods delivered directly to them whilst sitting at an EAT Table.

6. High-speed USB charging

The EAT Table has been specifically designed with the needs of today’s consumers in mind. Every EAT table is equipped with high-speed, rugged USB ports that people can use to quickly charge their phones and other mobile electronic devices. No need to leave a venue to charge your phone when you can charge it from an EAT Table whilst taking time out to relax, eat, drink and shop. This helps encourage returns to The EAT Table and can significantly increase dwell time, thereby increasing retail activity as well as enabling advertisers to get more exposure for their messages to what is effectively a captive audience.

Wireless charging is currently being implemented in the current design of The EAT Table, catering for the consumer without a USB charging cable.

7. Scalable design for hassle free installation and seamless integration

The EAT Table has been designed with scalability in mind. The EAT Table is extremely low maintenance and provides a ‘plug and play’ solution for easy installation and replacement. The EAT Table requires no floor space. It simply replaces existing tables in any location and can be customised to blend in with the surrounding environment. The EAT tables are easily installed without any downtime, interference or disruption in any public space or retail environment, such as shopping centres, airports, waiting areas, restaurants and other similar venues.

8. Valuable insights through Big Data

Through the continuing refinement of its technology, The EAT Table is able to measure and analyse the information and data it gathers with increasing accuracy. Given the growing importance of Big Data, The EAT Table enables companies to improve the way they communicate with their customers as well as empowering advertisers with superior decision making.

9. Large-scale coordinated digital content

With the unique and patented EAT Table technology platform, one can connect and synchronise multiple EAT tables making it possible to display coordinated content and so create large-scale digital promotional campaigns for events, promotions and product launches over more than one EAT Table.

10. A safer environment for consumers

Should there be an emergency or incident, The EAT Table is able to quickly broadcast information and has built-in directional lighting to guide people to safety.

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