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EAT Displays Real-time all the time

The EAT: Real-time transactions for faster, better service

The EAT Table technology isn’t just a hyper-targeted information delivery platform, it’s also a real-time transaction system that makes purchasing much easier for consumers, particularly in crowded shopping centres or busy environments such as airports.

At a time when many traditional retailers are struggling because of online sales, The EAT Table has the potential to re-energise shopping centres and other commercial spaces suffering a decline in footfall and retail activity. The unique EAT Table technology platform significantly contributes to the enhancement of retail experience and breathes new life into shopping centres by providing it’s visitors with a more enriching and enlivening experience.

1. Streamlined customer service

In restaurants, for instance, customers can use the EAT to order from the moment they sit down without worrying the order will be misremembered or forgotten. Diners can also use The EAT Table to pay their bill without having to wait for staff to come over. Customers leave happier and so are more likely to return.

The EAT Table automates what is a normally ‘person heavy’ order-taking process, which mean staff can focus on delivering better customer service.

2. The EAT: your shopping concierge

In shopping malls, The EAT Table’s hyper-local digital mapping and micro-navigation systems means goods and services can be bought from multiple retailers nearby and delivery arranged, either to the home or even directly to a specific EAT Table. Alternatively, items can be paid for, or reserved for later pick up from a particular store, all without leaving The EAT Table.

By facilitating the whole shopping process, in effect The EAT acts as a ‘DOOH concierge’, making it an easier, memorable and more social experience.

3. See The EAT in transaction action

To learn how The EAT adds a new dimension to the shopping experience, why not arrange a demonstration and see it in action yourself? We can do this either at a location of your choice, or at our head office in Bella Vista. Call +612 8005 2356 or email adam@eatdisplays.com.au for more information.

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