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The EAT Table: Building on tomorrow’s technology

Designed, engineered and created in Australia, The EAT Table is a truly revolutionary product designed to meet the needs of users, advertisers and owners of public spaces.

With cutting-edge technology, protected by patents both in Australia and internationally through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), continued development is set to make The EAT Table an even more powerful alternative to traditional DOOH systems.

1. Greater responsiveness through Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

Through the use of AI and ML, The EAT Table is becoming ever better at relating with those who sit at them. The EAT Table technology platform is also becoming ever more effective at interpreting and responding to human characteristics, expressions, emotions and gestures thereby enabling the EAT Table to display content that is more ‘aware’ of it’s surrounding environment thereby providing the consumer with more relevant, useful and meaningful messaging.

2. Improved hyper-targeting

As the EAT Table’s object detection abilities improve, it will be able to gather even more detailed information about users and so improve its hyper-targeting potential. For instance, The EAT Table will be able to identify that someone is wearing glasses or a shirt with a particular logo and customise the content it presents to them accordingly.

Given the EAT Table technology platform has a growing capacity to collect, measure and analyse information, The EAT Table will become increasingly a source of Big Data, enabling advertisers and marketers to refine their promotional campaigns.

We are committed to ensuring users receive maximum benefit from The EAT Table, which is why we have made sure it can be integrated with the widest range of applications, platforms and systems right from the start, and something we will continue to do.

3. See what The EAT Table can do

By bringing together innovative technologies, The EAT Table is set to transform the DOOH marketplace. If you would like to see how it brings another dimension to retail environments and other public spaces, arrange a demonstration either onsite or at our head office in Bella Vista. Call us on +612 8005 2356 or email adam@eatdisplays.com.au for more information or to arrange a convenient time.

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