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The EAT Table in shopping centres

Rising online sales are hitting bricks and mortar businesses. That’s putting pressure on commercial space owners and managers to increase foot traffic and find new commercialisation opportunities. The EAT Table can help do both by enriching consumers’ experience and generating new income streams from its innovative marketing platform.

The EAT Table is already being successfully used at several shopping centres in Australia, where it is delivering significant benefits.

1. Creating extra interest for consumers

The personalised content that visitors receive not only generates direct sales for advertisers, but also leads to a longer dwell time within a mall or shopping centre. Shopping malls or shopping centres can also provide real-time news and announcements through The EAT Table platform to it’s customers thereby creating greater awareness of what’s on around them and in turn significantly contributing to a more enhanced, entertaining and engaging experience thereby leading to even greater dwell time.

Using The EAT Table is a novel experience, so it creates interest, acting as an added attraction that pulls more visitors in. The range of customised content that’s available means The EAT Table can offer something to everyone.

Shoppers benefit from faster, more streamlined shopping because of The EAT Table’s ability to process transactions in real-time. For instance, diners can place orders and pay bills without the need for waiting staff, so throughput is faster, with fewer people clogging up the aisles and walkways.

2. New revenue streams

The EAT Table’s patented technology allows The EAT Table to identify individuals and groups by age, race, gender and other demographic features. Suddenly it’s possible to connect with previously unreachable audiences. That opens up the prospect of new revenue streams for advertisers who would normally regard DOOH as too blunt an instrument.

By connecting multiple EAT Tables, it’s also possible to create large-scale, highly visual displays, for instance for events, promotions and product launches.

The EAT Table opens up a world of commercial opportunities.

3. Easy installation and repositioning

The EAT Tables are very simple to install and can easily be installed at both new and old locations or repositioned as necessary. That enables owners of malls and shopping centres to create a much more flexible space that works in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Should there be an emergency or incident at the venue, each EAT can be used to provide information, directions and emergency lighting, helping clear shoppers and visitors safely and fast. The EAT Table itself complies with all relevant Australian safety standards and guidelines.

4. See The EAT Table in action

To see how The EAT Table would work in your shopping centre or mall, why not arrange an onsite demonstration or see The EAT Table in action at our head office in Bella Vista? Just call +612 8005 2356 or email adam@eatdisplays.com.au and let us know a convenient date and time for you.

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