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Easy Installation & Integration

EAT Displays Easy Scalable Installation

The EAT Table: Fast and easy installation for a perfect fit into any location

The EAT Tabes are straightforward to install in any indoor environment. Retrofitting EAT Tables into any location is fast and easy, with absolutely no downtime or interruption to surrounding businesses and tenants during normal working hours.

All that is needed to fix each EAT Table in the required location is a small switchboard using a single round or flat ethernet cable – that’s it.

The EAT Table operates under 50 volts and has a Safety Extra Low Voltage, SELV rating. The EAT Table’s normal operating power consumption is a mere 25 Watts.

The EAT Table and the installation process complies with all relevant Australian safety standards.

The simplicity of installation means EAT Tables can be scaled up or configured to any type of retail, commercial or indoor space and quickly repositioned as necessary for events or promotions. Perfect for the reality of a new retail environment where smaller, temporary and flexible spaces are a growing trend.

1. Integrates with other technologies and platforms

The EAT Table’s patented technology makes it easy to integrate with other applications, platforms and systems, enabling it to deliver an even richer user experience. This also gives it the capacity to collect, measure and analyse even large quantities of varied and complex data that can be used to further personalise content delivery as well as providing very valuable insights to retailers, owners and/or managers of large shopping centres.

2. EAT Table – A scalable table

The EAT Table has been created, designed and engineered in Australia with the goal of achieving a solid product that has a very long life, is rugged, scalable and extremely low maintenance, with all necessary upgrades and updates being made through existing cloud-based technology.

The unique and patented EAT complies with all relevant Australian safety standards and guidelines.

3. See The EAT Table in action

The EAT Tables have already been successfully installed at two Lendlease shopping centres in Australia. To see how you could fit The EAT Table seamlessly into your stores, venues or concourses, why not arrange an on-site demonstration, when we can talk you through the installation process in more detail? Just call us on +612 8005 2356 or email adam@eatdisplays.com.au to organise a suitable time. Alternatively, you can see The EAT Table in action at our offices in Bella Vista.

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