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Lemma Supercharges EAT Displays with Programmatic Capabilities in Australia

Lemma Supercharges EAT Displays with Programmatic Capabilities in Australia

EAT Displays News

EAT Displays, an Australian technology based company and media owner has partnered with Lemma and are now up on their programmatic DOOH platform.

International: Lemma, one of the largest and fastest-growing programmatic digital home networks, has recently onboarded Electronic Advertising Table (EAT) Displays, as premium screens to their programmatic DOOH platform. As one of the initial partners enabling programmatic DOOH campaigns on EAT Displays, Lemma would give both traditional and digital brands direct access to this premium inventory through their platform to drive meaningful consumer interactions.

EAT displays with their inimitable technology has given interactive advertising a whole new meaning with their Tabletop screens at leading QSR’s across Australia. This partnership is the personification of modern-day advertising solutions, where innovation meets data &technology to generate experiential brand moments in the outdoor space.

This unique partnership will certainly excite advertisers to explore DOOH with new enthusiasm as it not only ushers in novelty but also ensures addressable & transparent ad serving in the OOH ad space.

Infused with Lemma’s Programmatic Technology EAT Display screens will acquire all of the programmatic advantages like dynamic ad rendering, addressable targeting, real-time reporting, audience insights, and more. As the first end-to-end programmatic DOOH platform built to IAB’s Open RTB standard, Lemma will also effectively source in organic demand from various digital sources, subsequently improving occupancy rates and yield for EAT displays.

“Our partnership with EAT displays will definitely get brands excited to explore OOH in a new manner taking it a step further from mere exposure to active brand engagements.”
Commenting on this partnership Gulab Patil, Founder & CEO, Lemma Said, “New media solutions are the basic criteria for brands to select advertising media today. Lemma leads the OOH space when it comes to emerging media opportunities and key partnership like this only help diversify our DOOH portfolio further.”

Sanjaya Molligoda, Managing Partner Lemma
adding his thoughts said “Advanced OOH markets like Australia are now demanding for solutions that are out of the ordinary. In this light, it’s important for us as thought leaders to keep evolving and upgrading our screen solutions with novel yet equally impactful placements.”Adam, Founder, and CEO of EAT Displays says, We are thrilled to partner with the largest online programmatic digital-out-of-home platform in the world. The recent successful integration of EAT Technology with Lemma opens up a world of tremendous commercial opportunities for all stakeholders including both domestic and international advertisers. The partnership will see EAT Displays maximize its exposure to a vast array of programmatic buyers not only in Australia but around the globe including India, SEA, AU, NZ, MENA, and North America.”

“Keeping up with times, EAT Displays has delivered a solution that is both highly impactful l& engaging to audiences & layering this with Lemma’s technology and data stack has further enhanced the overall offering for marketers wanting to invest in out of the home during the current times.”

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